How to Distribute Business Cards

1 Jul

Lots of individuals in small businesses of any kind know about the value of printing good, quality business cards. The business card can be a ticket to higher sales, better visibility for your business, and greater future opportunities. Lots of business leaders invest in “high value” business cards that include an attractive business name, catchy graphics and colorful logos. However, another part of the equation is how you distribute these small cards. Getting your business card out into the community involves some good distribution strategies that will boost the overall prospects of a business.


  • Distribute business cards in person. One of the most conventional and time-tested ways of distributing business cards is to hand them to people while you’re in a conversation about your industry or business. Many of these individuals will keep your card and contact you later about possible opportunities.
  • Include business cards in mailings. Another good strategy involves putting your business card into anything that goes out of your office through postal mail. Getting business cards to clients and others in this way will help you with branding and visibility for your enterprise.
    • Include non-marketing mailings. Some small businesses even include their business card in items like bill payments. Putting cards into a greater variety of mailings can pay off, so consider using your card as a routine part of a mailing, just like letterhead.
  • Put your business card on community bulletin boards. Local bulletin boards are a great place to advertise your business. Laundromats, supermarkets, coffee shops and other community spaces often have a place for this kind of organic advertising opportunity. Diners are a great opportunity, since many people in a small town or other area generally gather at these venues.
    • Even in places without bulletin boards, you may find unique ways to leave a business card behind. Some other popular spots for distribution include libraries and fitness clubs as well as hotels where business people often stay.
  • Use your business card in raffles and special contests. A local bar or other venue may have a collection bowl for business cards, where cards are periodically picked for a prize. Using your business card in these contests helps you get your card out while making you eligible for a giveaway at the same time.
  • Print business cards in effective print media. Your business card can also be a great template for any printed advertisement. Some business leaders like to pay to have their business cards printed in place mats for local diners or restaurants. Others may choose to print in high school yearbooks or other directories. You can also print your business card in the Yellow Pages.
  • Give business cards to friends and family. Distribution through networking is another key part of using your business card to promote your business or enterprise.


  • Use good judgment. Some experts recommend being discriminating in your distribution. You do want to get your business card out as much as possible, but you don’t want to waste large numbers of these cards on contacts that have nothing to do with your business or industry. Always think about the “return” on your business card distribution to avoid ineffective methods.

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  1. Gwyneth August 6, 2011 at 9:19 am #

    Is it your duty to regularly present proposals and other reports to a panel of clients? Along with a presentation folder with all relevant information, business cards can be the perfect handout or addition to a good meeting. Make sure all of your attendees receive your credentials in order to get a hold of you easily. Not only do they serve practical purposes, they help permeate your brand in ways you might not have thought about before.

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    Offline networking comes with this.

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    Thanks so much for the tips… good article.

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    Including business cards in mailing is a cool idea! TY!

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    I often distribute business cards during live events.

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    Helpful! These tips are really effective.

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