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Should You Jump On The Bandwagon and Order Those Free Business Cards or Premium Business Cards?

28 Jul

Free Business Cards | Use of Business Cards

free business cards

When you hear people talking about business growth, joint ventures, strategic alliances and networking, the one thing that will never go away is the use of business cards. Business cards are a way to extend the conversation that you have when you meet someone new and would like to potentially work with them in the future, maybe as a client, a business partner to simply to follow up for personal reasons.

The use of business cards has not changed, but the one thing that has changed is the quality, style and new advances in technology that changes to keep making business cards better and better.

Free Business Cards | How Much Should You Pay for Business Cards?

But the question is how much should you pay for business cards?

First of all there are many sites on the internet where you can buy business cards online that offer free business cards. This is a great way for the particular business to get you as a new client AND a great way for them to advertise their business.

Free Business Cards | Factors to Keep in Mind

When ordering free business cards, here are some factors that you should keep in mind.

Depending on the company, you can order free business cards and just pay shipping, but there is a catch. The catch is that although you now have free business cards, the back of your card will be stamped with the company’s information, for example “Get free business cards at Vista Print”. So, they are using you as vehicle to promote their business in exchange for the free business cards.

The quality of the card is generally the lowest quality that they have in stock. When you order business cards online, there are generally two options, standard business cards or premium business card. These card have different quality paper stock, the premium business cards have a thicker card stock, and portray a higher quality business card, instead of the type of card you can print on your home printer.

When ordering free business cards you are also giving off the impression that you are broke or cheap and can’t afford to purchase business cards. With this in mind, who would want to do business with someone that is broke or cheap?

Having a cheap, free business card also gives off the impression that you don’t take your business seriously and may be seen as just a hobby or something that you do in your spare time. You may be seen as someone who does want to invest in their own business.

Free Business Cards | Portray the Proper Image

These days you can get such great deals with business cards, there really isn’t any excuse to not spend a little money and portray the proper image when handing out your business cards.

By using online coupons you can order premium business cards online with discounts up to 40% off.

Ask yourself the question on if someone handed you a low quality stock paper business card that feels like it was printing on a home printer and it has “Get free business cards at Vista Print” printed on the back of the card…would you want to do business with this person?

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A Standard Business Card or a Premium Business Card, Which One Do You Order?

18 Jul

Premium Business Cards | Standard or Premium Business Cards?

When you are ordering business cards you generally have to pick from two choices, standard business cards or premium business cards. Which one do you choose? Well, it depends on what impression you want to make, what your business is, what you plan to do with them as well as understanding your target market?

Premium Business Cards | What impression do you want to make?

Do you want to make an impression of a business or company that is high end, successful and mindful of their image? Of course you do!

When I ordered my own business cards for the first time, I just ordered whatever was cheaper, wow, what a mistake. What I got back were some very cheap looking and low quality business cards. These cards looked like I could have printed them on my home computer.

When I was at the networking event that I was supposed to be passing them out, I actually told people I ran out of cards because I was too embarrassed to pass them out!

Even though people say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, unfortunately people do…all the time. People will also judge you by your business card and the quality of your business card.

Premium Business Cards | What type of business do you have?

If you are in the marketing, advertising or public relations field, you have no choice but to have a high quality business card. As someone in the field of marketing, advertising or public relations you should be stressing to your clients the importance of a premium business card, therefore, you should be the role model and the best advocate and sample for this great suggestion.

Premium Business Cards | What do you plan to do with these business cards?

Depending on where you are going and what you plan to do with these premium business cards may alter your decision on your purchase. If you are passing these out at a high end networking event then you should have premium business cards, high quality business cards. If you are posting them on a bulletin board at your local grocery store, then you may not need to spend the extra money for a premium business card.

Premium Business Cards | Who is your target market?

Understanding your target market is a great way to decide on if you want to purchase standard business cards or premium business cards. If your target market is CEOs of large corporations, then of course you would want to get premium business cards. If you own a lawn care business and your target market are home owners, then maybe you don’t need to have such a high end premium business card.

In summary, the decision on what type of business cards you should buy depends on a few factors, but the choice is ultimately up to you…just remember, many times you only have one chance to make a first impression, so it should be a great one!

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