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Make Your Own Business Cards

7 Sep

Make Your Own Business Cards | Why Do You Need Any?

make your own business cardsAs a business person, one of the most important tools that you need at your disposal are business cards.

Even with the advances in technology with Iphones, Androids, Ipads and more, there is still a need for a physical business card.

When you are traveling and meeting with clients, prospective clients or just general business meetings, your business card is the way that people can get in contact with you and remember who you are.

Make Your Own Business Cards | What does that mean?

When you decide that you need business cards, the first thought is that you need to make your own business cards, well, yes, that is the first step.

But, what exactly do I mean when I say you have to make your own business cards? This doesn’t mean that you have to learn how to be a graphic designer and design and create a business card from scratch.

But, when you make your own business cards, you simply provide the direction to someone else to get it done for you, or use a simple business card template.

Make Your Own Business Cards | Getting started

The first steps to make your own business cards is to have an understanding of what you want your business card to portray.

For example if you are an artist, your card should have an artistic flare to it.

If you are in real estate, your card should have a picture of a house.

You get the idea :-)

A great tip (this can be debated) is to have your picture on your business card. Some people think this is a good idea and some don’t. Personally, I think it is a great idea, people will remember you even more.

Make Your Own Business Cards | Designing The Card

The next step is to find someone who can design your business card for you. A great resource is This is a site where people will do work for you for only $5.

Go to that site and type in business cards in the right hand side search box. Next, you will come up with a list of results. The next step is to click on “rankings” on the top of the page,  this will sort the people by highest ranking so that you can get the best person for the job.

Then you simply provide the designer with your logo and what you want your business card to be about, and they will design it for you.

Lastly, you take their design and go to one of the many online websites where you can order business cards online and you simply upload the design.

That’s it! Remember when you were frustrated and didn’t know how to start when told to make your own business cards? When you just did it. Quick, low cost and I can guarantee they are designed exactly how you like it and will leave a lasting impression on whoever has the privilege of having one your business cards.

Save Money and Time By Using Business Card Templates

24 Jul

Business Card Templates | Why Should You Use a Business Card Template?

business card templates

A business card template can be a creative yet convenient way to print business cards. There is no need to start from complete zero and you can produce a business card in as short as 15 minutes.

Why should you use a business card template?

Many people who are looking to buy business cards online tend to hesitate because they don’t have a design of a business card, therefore they feel they are stuck and unfortunately, just never order any business cards!

They either do not want to spend the extra money on hiring a designer, or they try to design one themselves and it just does not look good or professional.

Well, if that sounds like you in any kind of way, you are in luck.

There are many places to buy business cards online and the large companies have huge libraries of business card templates that you can pick from to create so you can buy business cards online with no pre-established design.

Business Card Templates | Kinds of Business Card Templates

What kinds of business card templates are available?

There are so many business card templates available; it is way more than can be listed in this article. They have abstract business card templates, professional business card templates, business card templates with flowers, kids, pets, cars and much, much more!

How do I stand apart from the other people using business card templaprofetes?

That is a great question! First, you are correct in the fact that since it is a template, it is not a unique design, but the information on the card is unique. Make sure you have as much contact information on your card that you can provide. Some people don’t like to follow up via phone but rather by email, so make sure that is on there. With the move to social media, if it is applicable for your market, put your Facebook information on your business card as well.

Business Card Templates | Advantages of Using Business Card Templates

What are some other advantages of using business card templates?

There are several advantages of using a business card template. One of the main benefits is that you have the basics in designing your own card. This allows you to start with a clear foundation of your design without totally starting from scratch. We all know how difficult to start from the very beginning especially when you are pressed for time and/or money.

Another advantage of using a template to print business cards is customization. You can choose to find the right colors, font styles, as well as other additional details effortlessly. Instead of being a time consuming procedure, create your business cards can be fun.  With the template design programs with many of these online business cards sites, you can change something with a click of a mouse, instead of going back and forth and waiting on changes from a designer.

Business Card Templates | Business Card Design

When using the business card templates, you can play with images and text by simply following instructions of the guidelines. The tool will show you how to position the graphics and text appropriately. Following the guidelines is so simple that it is very easy to finish your project. All you have to do is to fill the provided fields and produce your content.

After being satisfied with your business card design, you can finally choose the material for the final printing of your customized business card. As a tip, be sure to choose high quality paper to maintain that professional impression.

Without a doubt, using business card templates can make your life much easier (and more cost effective). With business card templates, you can print business cards in a breeze!

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