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Make Your Own Business Cards

7 Sep

Make Your Own Business Cards | Why Do You Need Any?

make your own business cardsAs a business person, one of the most important tools that you need at your disposal are business cards.

Even with the advances in technology with Iphones, Androids, Ipads and more, there is still a need for a physical business card.

When you are traveling and meeting with clients, prospective clients or just general business meetings, your business card is the way that people can get in contact with you and remember who you are.

Make Your Own Business Cards | What does that mean?

When you decide that you need business cards, the first thought is that you need to make your own business cards, well, yes, that is the first step.

But, what exactly do I mean when I say you have to make your own business cards? This doesn’t mean that you have to learn how to be a graphic designer and design and create a business card from scratch.

But, when you make your own business cards, you simply provide the direction to someone else to get it done for you, or use a simple business card template.

Make Your Own Business Cards | Getting started

The first steps to make your own business cards is to have an understanding of what you want your business card to portray.

For example if you are an artist, your card should have an artistic flare to it.

If you are in real estate, your card should have a picture of a house.

You get the idea :-)

A great tip (this can be debated) is to have your picture on your business card. Some people think this is a good idea and some don’t. Personally, I think it is a great idea, people will remember you even more.

Make Your Own Business Cards | Designing The Card

The next step is to find someone who can design your business card for you. A great resource is This is a site where people will do work for you for only $5.

Go to that site and type in business cards in the right hand side search box. Next, you will come up with a list of results. The next step is to click on “rankings” on the top of the page,  this will sort the people by highest ranking so that you can get the best person for the job.

Then you simply provide the designer with your logo and what you want your business card to be about, and they will design it for you.

Lastly, you take their design and go to one of the many online websites where you can order business cards online and you simply upload the design.

That’s it! Remember when you were frustrated and didn’t know how to start when told to make your own business cards? When you just did it. Quick, low cost and I can guarantee they are designed exactly how you like it and will leave a lasting impression on whoever has the privilege of having one your business cards.

Business Cards Designs

5 Sep

Business Cards Designs | Importance of Business Cards

Business Cards DesignsIf you are in the business world, you know how important it is to have a great business card. With a good business card, people can remember you, and that is the key…to be remembered.

But you want to be remembered on the positive side. Have you ever received a business card from someone and looked at it and said “this card is pathetic!” and threw it away! I know I have.  I’ve received cards that I can tell are printing on someones home computer with some office depot business card templates.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be a snob and put people down who are trying to save some money on printing business cards, but honestly the coupons and deals that you can get at some of these online business cards websites, you would actually spend less money and save a ton of time just ordering them online.

The best part is that if you are looking to get a great business cards designs, you can get that at a very low price as well.

Business Cards Designs | Your Options

So lets start at the beginning, getting business cards designed. The cost varies depending on your budget. Let’s assume you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Here are some options for business cards designs…

1 – Use your own creativity - Use you own skills with a type of graphics software (unless you are a graphic designer, probably not a good idea)

2 – Use templates – Different templates are provided at the various business card websites when you are placing your order. This is actually not a bad idea, the only problem is that you may have the identical card as someone else.

3 – Hire someone - Hire someone to design a card for you. One of the best places you can get this done for really, really cheap is At this site you can get stuff done for only $5!

Just go to the site, and in the left side search bar type in “business card” and you will see a bunch of people willing to do the best business cards design for you!

When using this website, a great tip is that when you get the results, click on “rating” on the top of the screen and it sorts the people who are willing to do the job but their rating on the website, therefore you are getting the best of the best.

Most of the times, you will have to have a logo for them, you provide them with the logo and they provide you with the design. Then you take the design and upload it into the website where you are ordering your business cards – it is that easy!

Business Cards Designs | Easy and Affordable

So, don’t let business cards design frighten you from moving forward with getting your business cards created. This step is one of the easiest and can be extremely affordable (if you know where to go to get it done).

After you have your business card designs (since it is so cheap, why not order from multiple people and choose the best business cards designs), then you are on  your way to a great looking business card!

Should You Order Glossy Business Cards or Matte Business Cards?

30 Jul

Glossy Business Cards | Designing Your Business Cards

glossy business cards

If you are in the business world, then you understand the importance of having a high quality business card. When you are designing your business card, there are a few factors you should consider.

Some of the most common ones are:

- Paper stock (standard business cards or premium business cards)

- Business card design (should you have one professional designed or use the ready-made templates)

- Finish of the business card (glossy or non-glossy)

Glossy Business Cards | Benefits of Non-Glossy Business Card

This article we are going to discuss the benefits of having a non-glossy business card, as you can probably infer, this is my preferred type of finish.

Now don’t get me wrong, glossy business cards are a great way to stand out from the crowd. First, it looks expensive which is usually a great impression to give off. Next, it’s flashy and most of the time flashy is good so you can stand out from the crowd.

Glossy Business Cards | Downside of Glossy Business Cards

But, there is a downside of glossy business cards…you can’t write on it!

Here is the scenario….

I was recently at a networking event and met someone and we exchanged cards. He asked me to connect him with someone that I had a close working relationship with, I said sure no problem at all. So, I took out my pen to write on his card “Connect with Greg on possible webinar”.  So, now I knew exactly what I needed to do to follow up with him after the event was over.

Now, the next person I met, I wanted to write a few details about the services she offered because I felt it was a great fit for what we were working on in our project. So, I took out my pen and attempted to write on her card…but it was almost impossible!

Her card was high gloss and there was no empty space on the card at all to write a single word. So, needless to say I didn’t take any notes about her on the business card, instead I pulled out my notebook and wrote some notes.

Now, the fact that the notes about her are now in two different places, it will make it more inconvenient and greater possibility that I will forget to follow up and forget what we discussed, and guess what, I did forget. I was going through my cards and I know I followed up with the ones that I wrote notes on, but the rest I said I would go through my notes and match them up, but I never did, and I am sure I am not the only one.

Glossy Business Cards | Important Notes

As I mentioned before, glossy business cards do have many benefits, but if you do get a glossy card, try to just have it glossy on the front and non-glossy on the back, and leave a little space for someone to write notes on your card.

Also keep in mind, you should get a card that when someone writes on it they can see their writing. This means don’t get a black card with white writing.

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Cast Your Vote – Should You Add Your Photo as Part of Your Business Card Design?

26 Jul

Business Card Design | Business Cards

business card design

When you go to networking events, social gatherings, business meetings, what is the one thing you should always have with you? The answer is business cards.

Business cards are a critical component when it comes to connecting with people in a business and even a personal setting. But, with this in mind, since business cards are so common, we can make the assumption that people have probably collected tons of business cards over the years.

These business cards generally go in a stack, and many times by time the person looks at them, they forget who the person was and the connection stops there.

Business Card Design | Make a Great Impression

So, how do you overcome the fact that people may have forgotten who you were, even if you did make a great impression?

The answer is to put your picture on your business cards.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, you don’t have to be a supermodel, if you are presentable enough to attend the event where you met this person that you gave the business card to, then you are presentable enough to have your face on your business card.

Some people try to say that if you have a memorable business card, like your face on a hundred dollar bill that people will remember you. Some people even say, if you make a big enough impact on a person they will remember you therefore you don’t need to have your picture as part of your business card design.

But, I have to put myself in the other persons shoes…I’ve received business cards that look like hundred dollar bills for example and I don’t remember the person. I met people that I really connected with but don’t remember their names.

Business Card Design | Put a Picture of Yourself

Ask yourself, after you’ve left an event have you ever gone through your stack of business cards and don’t remember who is who?

But, most people remember faces. If you put a picture of yourself on your business card there is a much higher probability that that person will remember who you are.

Now when you take the picture, you should strive to look like what you look like at the events. The “normal” looking you, not a glamorized picture of you, but actually what you look like. Remember, this is not a dating service; you just want the person to remember who you are from looking at your business card design.

You can find a photographer that can take some professional pictures at very reasonable rates on sites such as, or you can just have a friend take a great picture with a white background and a good graphic designer should be able to make it work with your business card design.

Business Card Design | Make People Remember Who You Are

So, when you are looking to create your business card design, make sure one of the elements of the business card design is to incorporate a picture of yourself on the card. A picture will give you a higher probably of being remembered after your card goes into the stack with the other collection of business cards.

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Mini Business Cards – Professional Photographer

13 Jul

Here is a GREAT example of using the mini-business cards.

I was at Smoothie King, getting a smoothie, and saw these sitting on the counter.

The person was a professional photographer and was using the cards to advertise and demonstrate her abilities.

Awesome high quality business card and awesome use of the new mini business cards trend!

To get your own Mini- Business Cards, visit the Overnight Prints page and get some coupons or visit the MOO page for some really high end versions.

How to Design an Effective Business Card

5 Jul

SHOW OFF! Design a portfolio in your pocket!
Business cards are useful for business owners and for traveling employees alike. There are a number of key things to consider, however, when preparing an effective business card. This article explains what to avoid and what to do to create an effective business card.


  • Use good materials for printing. It’s a mistake to use sub-standard materials for business cards, as it gives out a poor impression. Use quality cardstock, good colors, and decent ink.
  • Design the cards well. Business cards need to meet a balance that makes them both appealing and informative about your business or profession. Unless you’re absolutely sure of your design skills, get a professional to do the designing.
  • Be clear. Avoid creating cryptic cards. Just getting your business name and e-mail address or phone number printed on the card not enough. Clearly define what your business is all about so that people get a good idea about your business. Unless people are impressed, they won’t become your clients.
  • Avoid overdoing the information. It can be all too tempting to try and cram in as much information as possible on a small card. Doing this will ward off any prospective client and won’t help in any way.
  • Incorporate unique elements. Creating a good business card involves the incorporation of unique ideas. It should be eye catching and should give your message in short and effective manner. It is also very important to have proper color contrasts so that the card is easy to read for one and all.
  • Get the card printed online. It is helpful to get your business card printing done online. You can use the professional design services available and it saves a lot of time that would have been spent if you had to keep running all around to buy the printing materials that you require.

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